Support & Maintenance Service

Support & Maintenance Service

At Square Engineering, we give prime importance to the support and maintenance service. We understand how professional maintenance can increase the blinds' lifespan and give our clients more convenience. No matter which type of blind it is, our clients find it helpful to get maintenance service from us.

Square Engineering also provides support and maintenance services for surveillance solutions and retractable roofing.

We make sure to provide a high level of maintenance service because of the following factors:

Highly Professional Staff

We have a separate team to deal with the troubleshooting and maintenance issues. These workers are specifically trained to resolve issues related to blind maintenance.

On-Time Service

Our maintenance team always arrives on time at your doorstep. You can book a time slot at your convenience, and we won't make any delays in it.

Detailed Evaluation

Our team conducts a detailed analysis to understand the root cause of the problem. Based on the type of the blind, we create a strategy to resolve it. Whether it is a small adjustment or a need for repair, we can make every change to make the blinds look new and classy.

Replacement Service

Our well-trained team can also replace old blinds with new ones if needed. Taking off the old blinds and adjusting the new ones in the same size requires professional skills. We make this process smooth with our highly experienced workers.