Installation Service

Installation Service

Square Engineering prioritizes customer convenience, which is why we provide installation service to make the process easier and more convenient. After choosing your preferred blind from the website, you can place an order, and our team will come to your place to perfectly fit the blind.

The following are the key features of our installation service:

Well-Trained Workers

We have professionals to take accurate window measurements and fit the blind with a neat appearance. Highly professional and trained workers know how Nto avoid unevenness and visible gaps. As a result, we always give a flawless finish to the overall look, giving your windows an aesthetically appealing look.


Whether you want a blind fitting in a living space, a commercial setup, a hotel, or a hospital, we are ready to install it professionally. Our team is trained enough to fit the blinds on every window size. We can install a large variety of window treatments, from large sliders and lounge windows to small bathrooms, kitchen windows, and many others.

Time and Convenience

We understand the value of time, and therefore we make sure to reach your destination without delays. You can book a time slot at your convenience, and we will send our team to get the work done